Society Guidance: Part I

2019.5.3 - 2019.5.26

In the summer of 2019, UCCA hosted the largest Picasso exhibition in China to date, based on the collection of the Picasso Museum in the National Paris, including 103 Picasso works, including paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Together, these works showcase the formation and evolution of Picasso's artistic creations, the most daring, original and prolific genius in modern art history.

A good art gallery should be what the children dream of. In order to allow more people, especially young children, to explore their interests in hobbies, show their unique skills, and have the opportunity to participate in UCCA's unprecedented "Picasso - the birth of a genius" exhibition. On April 25, 2019, the Beijing Ullens Art Foundation launched the first "UCCA Little Guides" charity project to openly recruit young people between the ages of 6 and 16 who love art.

Project Process

On April 25, 2019, open recruitment was conducted.

On May 11, 2019, a total of 220 young children participated in the election.

On May 19, 2019, the first training course included the UCCA “Human Guide” exhibition content, etiquette and typhoon training.

On May 26, 2019, on the first assessment day, a simulated tour was conducted on site, and a total of 30 young children passed the selection.

From June 1st to June 23rd, 2019, the audience will be guided by volunteers every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00-16:00.

On June 14, 2019, volunteering tours were held on the media and VIP reception days.

On June 22, 2019, the fourth training course, the founder of the "Museum in the Ear", senior guide Zhang Peng (friends and friends) conducted advanced training.

From June 25th to August 25th, 2019, volunteers will be guided to the audience every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 14:00-16:00.

In July 2019, the public welfare tour service was provided for students of Huaao School, Cement Factory Primary School, Jindi Experimental School, Huangcun Town Second Central Primary School, Hebei Zhaoxian Hope House Orphanage, and Dandelion Middle School.

August 25, 2019, the closing ceremony.

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